Atlanta, GA
something serene + imaginative

    Step into a sanctuary of serenity and imagination, where nature’s embrace awaits.

    The entryway harmonizes with the elements of the outdoors from a raindrop chandelier to a cloud mural adorned with brass birds, complete with a tranquil oceanic, vibe and celestial artwork. The oversized handcrafted cloud mural is comprised of capiz shells.

    Despite the lack of windows, it creates an illusion of looking out into an expansive sky, bringing a sense of openness and tranquility to the space.

    As you make your way to the basement, you’ll find a serene speakeasy complete with a cocoon swing.

    The cocoon swing in the basement is not just for relaxation, it’s also an invitation to temporarily escape & detach from life’s challenges and find peace within oneself.

    Photography by: Marc Mauldin Photography

    LOGO NISHI design+studio
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